A Unique Tradition In England Wrestling to raise funds for charity in the UK has become a tradition

Have you heard of the Gravy Wrestling World Championships? Guess what, competition is literally what the name suggests. The annual competition is held in England.

where people watch people take part in a two-minute match at Salsapur to raise funds for neighborhood charities.
The tournament was resumed for the first time in two years due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

The 12th event took place outside the Rose ‘N’ Bowl pub in Rosendale, Lancashire, according to the BBC.
According to reports, participants are judged on their flamboyant attire and discretion, as well as their wrestling technique.

Wrestling to raise funds for charity in the UK has become a tradition

A video posted to the news’s Instagram page shows women and men being pushed to the source in extravagant outfits.
Since posting 19 hours ago, the video has garnered over 81,000 views and upbeat comments.

“Our planet is passing, but yeah we have to deal with the gravy,” said one Instagram user with a smiling emoji.

“God is looking down on us,” wrote another. “I finally found out what the sauce was!” “You can buy extra sauce at any time by asking a friend,” one asked. According to the report, the charity event raised funds for East Lancashire Hospice.