Full Link Ankit Gupta Video Interview Video Going Viral, fans see a mysterious girl in their bed.

Bigg Boss recently sent popular TV star Ankit Gupta to a shocking elimination. Ankit Gupta’s supporters are criticizing the producers for his unfair dismissal and are calling for his return to the show.

Meanwhile, a video from Ankit Gupta’s recent interview has gone viral on social media showing an unidentified girl in tears. Fans wonder if the mysterious girl is his girlfriend.

Ankit Gupta gives many interviews after leaving the Bigg Boss house. In a recent online interview with a media channel, Ankit chose to sit on the sofa in his hotel room.

During the interview, he suddenly saw a girl sitting on the bed behind him. When he realizes this, he changes the angle of the camera and panics when the scene ends. Gupta was silent for a few seconds. Now, social media users are going strong saying that the girl is as mysterious as their girlfriend.

Relationship With Shanaya Khan

For the common people, Ankit was in a relationship with actress Shanya Khan during the “Sada Haq” season. After the split, Ankit Gupta broke his faith in his marriage and relationship.

He also befriended Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and knew his love for her. The “Udaariyaan” actor was also very emotional when Gupta left his house.

The highlight this season is Priyankit’s chemistry inside the Big Boss House. Now Ankit Gupta seeing their love for each other should declare his love for Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary.uga Leaked Full Link New Lil Fizz Twitter Video