Full Link Video Cewek Google Viral Video

In the past few days, a video titled “Cewek Google Viral” has taken over the internet and social media as it shows a woman asking a salesperson for directions as Google demonstrates the wrong way to Google Maps app.

In this article, we will talk about cewek google viral video and other information about it. A beautiful woman greets the fries seller loudly as Google Maps shows the location of the fries seller. Now it’s easy to find places to visit that have never been before. We can discover new tourist attractions through Google Maps.

However, the Google Maps app can sometimes be “irrelevant” when showing directions. On Google Maps, drivers almost enter the valley to get off the “dangerous” road. So we find ourselves getting lost in different places instead of arriving at the tourist destination.

Although Google Maps may be annoying when it comes to directions, it turns out that many people are still desperate for a female voice to give directions. Instagram account recently @dagelan revealed who announced directions on Google Maps to satisfy netizens’ wishes.

Google Drivers get lost and ask locals and boaters for directions: use Google Maps. The 52-minute video shows a beautiful woman buying groceries on the side of the road.