Link Full Video Original of the Shanquella Robinson Murder, Recorded by CCTV


dubidam.idCharlotte’s family is looking for answers when their daughter doesn’t return from what was supposed to be a Cabo vacation with friends.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, left Charlotte, North Carolina on October 28, and died early. has released a disturbing new video, which is believed to show Robinson “exposed and helpless” being beaten shortly before his heartbreaking death.

An unknown woman who was accepted as one of his friends should be seen punching, kicking and punching a woman who looks like Robinson on the floor in their investment room. The man recording the attack can be heard saying, “How can you fight any time back, hunt something.” As the arrest continued, the woman kept clapping, urging Robinson to get up when he was lying on the floor, apparently not eating.

“Get up! I’m sick of s- – -!!” cried the woman.

[Full] Video of the Shanquella Robinson Murder, Recorded by CCTV

Robinson’s parents, Bernard and Salamandra, suspect something terrible has happened to their daughter after being told she died of alcohol poisoning – a case they don’t accept.

“After we said it was alcohol poisoning, we got the autopsy report on Thursday, and it said that his neck was broken and he was depressed. There was a break, [his] spine was broken,” the parents told WBTV. “It took it to a whole new level because it involved someone chasing him.”

Salamondra said the party all returned from Mexico without her daughter, leaving behind Robinson’s body. His body is now back home, but they don’t have the answers they’re looking for.

“He showed some care for the gold. He loved everyone and basically everyone loved him,” his heartbroken mother said. has learned that the US State Department is investigating the death of the girl in Mexico. “We know these stories about Robinson. Protecting government assistance to American citizens abroad is one of our top priorities. Considering the safety of those involved, we have no further comment at this time,” they shared in a statement.

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