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Full Video of Tennessee Fan Loses Her Shirt In Viral Video

During the game at Alabama, a Tennessee fan loses everything. Tennessee beat Alabama 52-49 over the weekend in a matchup between two of the nation’s top three SEC teams. Expectations for this match were high throughout the game and both teams achieved more than they could have.

In the end, the Vols ended up with less focus than their Red Tide counterparts. They left it all on the battlefield this past weekend. In a viral video, a fan from Tennessee caused an internet firestorm when he yelled at the team so loudly that his shirt flew off.

Tennessee Fan Loses Her Shirt In Viral Video

Female Tennessee Fans’ Tests with Closet Issues on Live television While watching a game versus Alabama Tennessee Workers fans turned out in number today to show their help for their group in the fight against the group that is the No. 3-positioned Alabama Dark red Tide.

The School GameDay team in participation the fans have been cheerful throughout the morning. When the two groups began their games later in the day, their energy was not generally contained… And from this video, neither could the bosoms of a lady Tennessee fan.

As she bounced around and down to praise a gigantic success by the No. 6 positioned group in the country, one female player was discovered on camera during a spontaneous closet issue.

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