Link Full video Viral Inaya Sultana & Ram Gopal Varma Viral Video

If you’ve been sensible about movies and the world of entertainment in general, you might have seen the viral video from last year where famous director Ram Gopal Varma hit the dance floor with actress Inaya Sultana.
The video shocked the internet last August and Varma was criticized for what people said was an “inappropriate” dance move.

While most of the online criticism was aimed at the producer, it is now known that the video also caused problems for Inaya Sultana.
Speaking about the episode in a recent session on her YouTube channel, Inaya said the negative publicity of the viral video affected her life as well.

She said the whole incident has been very upsetting for her family.
She said she was looking for more opportunities in the entertainment industry and had no one to support her when she met Ram Gopal Varma, who approached her about opportunities and invited her to his birthday party.

Full video Inaya Sultana & Ram Gopal Varma Viral Video

It was at the party that she hit the dance floor with the expert leader, she didn’t expect the dance to be so stormy then.
After the video became an Internet sensation four days later, her mother called her to express her disapproval of the video and to say the whole family was upset, she said.

Inaya is currently acting in a film titled Natarathnalu and she has several web series. On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma has just released an all-female martial arts film titled Ladki: Into the Maiden Dragon starring Pooja Bhalekar on July 15.