Link Video Cadaver Marbella Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Earlier this week, images emerged on social media showing a body floating on the beach, and bystanders called police to identify the floating object. the water.

Later, police said the floating object was nothing more than a mutilated, unrecognizable body. This situation is both unbearable and unbelievable.

This happened in the Marbella region of Spain, and the police later identified the body through DANA analysis and identified the deceased. Stay tuned as we continue the details of the Marbella video deal.

The video was shot on the beach in Marbella and shows the group floating in the water. The video has a body, so it’s fun to watch, the police later think it’s not a tool, as some thought.

The body’s head, hands, and stomach were all severed, according to police. The woman’s abdomen had been cut open and her internal organs were visible. Many people at the beach witnessed this fantastic scene. Later, police stated that they are investigating the case and will find out more information about the individual soon. The video of the body floating in the water, on the other hand, went viral on social media after it was shared online.

Cadaver Marbella Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube Link

The police have started their investigation and said they have identified the names of the missing persons in the area; However, after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the missing person named Natalia had died in the water at the beach.

The police later said that when they discovered the missing person, Natalia, was dead and found that her head, hands and stomach had been cut off. Before her identity was discovered, the police believed that she was the girl with drugs in her body, but the investigation revealed nothing.

Police identified Natali’s sister and a DNA test showed the girl was none other than the missing Natali. Natalie costs that December 30, 2022 and his family hasn’t heard ever since.

Natalie’s sister in relationship, where he was treated with worse. Although police initially thought it was drug-related, they later confirmed that Natalie was murdered, according to her sisters.

Natalie was diagnosed over the weekend and started investigating her boyfriend the next day. The suspect, in this case, is Natalie’s relative, and the relationship between the two is finally revealed.

A suspect in the case was arrested, police said this weekend. Although his identity has not been identified, it is said that he was found in his house, where he was arrested by the police. There is no further information about the case, but as the police are investigating, the motive for the murder will be revealed soon.