Link video Cause of Death of @raven.k.jackson, Did he die by suicide?

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Leaked Video Cause of Death @raven.k.jackson, Did he die by suicide?

Rapper 600 Prezi mourns the sudden death of his girlfriend… and it appears she committed suicide. 600 Breezy posted a social media tribute to his 2-year-old girlfriend, Raven Jackson, including a photo of the two of them together and a screenshot of what appeared to be a suicide letter. Breezy’s girlfriend told him in a text message that he was tired of spending years thinking bad things and waiting for the right time to act. He said he stayed on deck and had been on the run for a long time.

Raven then tells Breezy that it’s his choice and that’s what he wants, adding, “It’s one thing to waste your life, but I’ll stop shooting.”

600 Breezy admitted his girlfriend was in pain and said he “did everything to show her nothing but love and keep her alive”. Breezy said his death will haunt him for life and that he will never be able to love again… and urges people to take people seriously if they show signs of mental health issues and depression.
And this video became the center of the hottest conversation among some netizens. For more information on the cause of death, link @raven.k.

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