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dubidam.idStanislav Reshetnyak Viral Video Russian example whose heart burst the bag causes him to be ignored during his life after he was sentenced to 6 years in prison, according to the source of Stanislav Reshetnyak, a Russian migrant from Stas Reeflay on the Web, six convicted. years in prison when he appeared to lead the soul of his wife outside, where she died of hypothermia.

In the event of December 2020, from which the Insider obtained footage, the happy Reshetnyak Valentina Grigoryeva could be dressed as it is clear that she was forced to participate in the show. Later, he seemed to realize that he was not breathing and called the experts, who told him that he was dead. The person here is called Reeflay, and this woman, Valentina, may be his true heart anyway. another woman.

He was also a wealthy man, and after his fight with Reeflay, his flow stopped for a few hours, and then, at that time, started again with his body on his bed. Finally moved to the Russian YouTuber

stanislav reshetnyak video

Who Live Streamed GF’s Passing After Viewers Paid To Destroy Him He was sentenced to 6 years in prison Reef Lay, a popular Russian YouTuber who hit the headlines in December for broadcasting the death of his beautiful girlfriend 28 years Valentina Grigoryeva when she came out of the shadows. in cold weather and the order of the guards, was sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison.

livestream caught as viewers pay to destroy Hera RUSSIAN YouTuber who killed his partner in a disgusting live stream as viewers watched as he was jailed. Stas Reeflay, who went by the name Stanislav Reshetnikov, 30, was found guilty of causing serious damage and sentenced to six years in a major rehabilitation by a Russian court.

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Valentina Grigoryeva, 28, was sexually assaulted and died of head injuries. Bystanders abused Reshetnikov, 30, by paid bystanders to provoke verbal and physical abuse at the press conference in which he died. As he appeared in court in Moscow, his mother Elena Reshetnyak saw him. When he left the side of the authorities prepared to begin his trial, he came out in tears. On oath, he called Grigoryeva a “prostitute” and “obscene. The first report says that he saved the bag from being locked outside in the hot weather seen on YouTube and other platforms. But later, experts can conclude that the head injury is the right reason for death.

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