New Full Link Fans concerned as Corinna Kopf announces break from social media

Kopf was previously known to vent his frustrations on Twitter, but the YouTuber’s June tweet is alarming to some fans who suspect relationship issues are brewing between Tfue and his love for the wife.

Kopf shared some controversial views on the YouTuber in a tweet on June 21, writing, “I care about other people’s feelings as much as my own.”

Kof then tweeted a simple sad face emoji, but the post was quickly deleted and larger posts followed on June 30. “If you’re serious, you should take a break from social media,” he announced. “Maybe a few days. Lily everyone. ”

Corinna Kopf announces break from social media

Although many fans have come out to support Kopf, some are questioning his current relationship, while others have blamed Tfue for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

Kopf’s June 30 tweet followed another statement made in a June 21 livestream in which he said he was angry at Tfue for not going through with both plans. “I can’t tell you how many times he told me he was going to do something. I just sat there watching him play,” Kopf explained. “If we say we’re going to play, let’s play.”

The two jokingly “died” during a joint session on June 27. . Tfue and Kopf have yet to share any details on their relationship news, but fans are eagerly awaiting further updates from the couple in light of Kopf’s sad message.