New Full Link Video Cucu Milo Viral On Twitter

There is a lot of buzz around cucu milo viral on social media and stuff. The popularity of cucu milo in Indonesia may be one of the reasons why Indonesians wanted its viral video in the first place. This article will discuss the details of cucu milo virus and other important information about it that you should know.

Cucu Milo has more than 234,000 followers on Twitter, and he joined the platform 4 years ago with only 657 followers when it was still starting. More than 60,000 Tweets and South Erlia Amalia 2007, during the time Twitter had a limit.

Following this conference, these twitter can help his employee to the conference. The 140 character limit on Twitter was initially simply a necessity – the limit was imposed by mobile carriers, not Twitter, as Twitter started out as an SMS-based platform instead of a not crowded.

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Although Twitter has become a website platform, they set the boundary only because it fits the Twitter brand, which is a platform that wants to create very interesting content in the modern world, with a lot of involvement mind. technology and attention.

Over the past decade and a half, Twitter has grown exponentially in popularity. In the end, the purpose of Twitter is to spread information quickly – and while the information is not always bad (Kim Kardashian’s opinion on makeup, for example), there are times when it is very bad. , to the extent that protesters in Iran have taken to Twitter. to protest..

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