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Hi everyone, I’m going to watch a Koda TikTok video today. Who passes Koda’s bus girl? What is Koda Dropping? Koda, also known as mavxmedia28, was banned after he was found insulting another powerful friend in his car due to scoliosis. Online car enthusiasts and community members are spreading the hashtag #CancelKoda to cancel the power of the car @mavxmedia28 also known as Koda for insulting the power of everyone’s car to read about scoliosis with @sky_z33. increase. The dobe coda refers to the car industry fellow @sky_z33 tried to leave the power of CarTok to read it with @mavxmedia28 (coda) for scoliosis insults. Video below!

The hashtag started when a TikToker @officially_wide known as Dalton posted a video, which has now been deleted, of a DM dispute shared between Koda and @maces2k known as Mace, who belongs to the city of “Kartok”. Another part.

Who is Koda Car Girl?

Car enthusiasts and members of the website posted the hashtag #CancelKoda and the car company @mavxmedia28, also known as Koda, is trying to insult the power of the car to take @sky_z33, which is expected and it is because of his scoliosis.

Powerhouse @leyahjade, who was with Mays and Dalton when they sent the DM, also posted a video about the situation, noting that Sky had major surgery for scoliosis and was unable to recover. I understand how. Recently removed. Since then, the hashtag has started to spread on CarTok, with people asking Koda to remove the words from their videos. A new Undo Koda link has popped up on a TikTok video, which removes the viral koda!

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