New Link Pretoria School Teacher’s Dance Unites Proud SA As Video Goes Viral Worldwide

The school’s English teacher – Ms. Bullock – can be seen battling TikTok and dancing with Robot Boii’s salary. The video was uploaded by TikTok user and received more than 6.6 million views in two days. Mihle captioned the video: “the best teacher in the world”. When asked if the teacher danced in her school, Mihle replied: “Yes

South African viewers loved this video. Nkanyiso said ‘A bit of South Africa we need’, JustCourtney said ‘That’s why I’m proud of South Africa’, C Mc added: ‘That’s what South Africa is for South should accept each other’s culture, this teacher . is amazing,” Chazlinn van Wyk said what was on everyone’s mind:

Zamazing won the internet with, “I would be an astronaut today if he taught me in high school

And congratulations from all over the world, where many people find her beautiful face. Gilles in France said: “There is nothing else on his face but the joy of living. I love her ♥️” (ooh la la, the look on her face – nothing but the joy of life. I love it.)

Many also show that he can be an influential teacher, because teachers like this – those who are committed – “these children are eager to go to school and learn”.

There are over 11,000 comments on TikTok alone! Everyone wants this Miss Bullock from South Africa as a teacher in their school!

WATCH Pretoria High School dancing teacher goes viral