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A video of a group of San Jose firefighters in the Pink Poodle neighborhood has become a sensation on the web and social media. Individuals are eager to watch videos of SJ generators. Local San Jose firefighters called a viral video on Instagram showing a woman in a bathing suit getting out of a fire truck “concerning.”

The test was conducted after a video showed a woman in a bathing suit walking from an SJ fire truck to an escape route.


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The San Jose Neighborhood Rally Firefighters have launched an investigation into a video posted on social media of a woman in a bathing suit walking out of a fire.

Many questions are swirling about yet another viral video of a woman wearing only a bathing suit and high heels leaving San Jose. The San Jose Neighborhood Fire Group said they are investigating a “disturbing” video of the recent social media incident that has been shared online.

“The department has become aware of a disturbing video that was posted on social media,” said San Jose Fire Chief Robert Sapien. Check out SJ Truck Bikini Girl’s viral video:

You will need to watch the first video to follow this link.

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