New Watch Nle Choppa Twitter Image Gone Viral on Internet & Sosial Network

New Watch Nle Choppa Twitter Image Gone Viral on Internet & Sosial Networkdubidam.idThe rapper may be known for hits from Shotta Flow, Camelot and Walk Em Down, but his recent Twitter photo could put all that into the background.

On October 23, 2022, his post went viral on social media, disappointing fans. Half of them look on in admiration, while others may not want to see their reflection on the timeline. YouTuber and streamer Edin Ross was an influencer, but NLE Choppa didn’t rate his post.


Nle Choppa – real name Bryson Lashun Potts – caused a stir in skimpy black dresses in front of the bathroom mirror. The rapper posted two photos Monday night with the caption, “A full icon…”

The 19-year-old made himself felt. The stage immediately bursts into shock as they look at the package below. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here are some tweets that say it all. *WARNING: Please note that some of these comments are direct responses to NSFW photos*

One user said, “Now I see why they call it chopper.”

Another said, “Have you seen NLE CHOPPA? “I mean, I can’t help but look.”

However, since Chupa is only 19 years old, there are concerns about the sexual messages: “That’s a baby! Told. “Pack up now.”

“Can you stop pouring nle choppa meat on my tl man?” The fourth complained.


Fans aren’t the only ones stunned by the photo, and Ross has also been condemned.

The YouTuber couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the NLE, tweeting on his profile, “NLE CHOPPA HAS A F****** MISSILE!”

Five hours later, the rapper revealed his DM with Twitch Streamer, which can be seen completing his bloat. Adin sent a message: “You knew exactly what you were doing with this message.” “There is no anomaly. *** Your big brother does.”

However, NLE wasn’t too happy about this comment, calling the screenshot “ridiculous”.

And it seems that the negative reaction to the photo has made the rapper’s intentions clear. NLE implored the internet to “stop trying to make her dislike him,” claiming she’s “comfortable enough” to show off her body, and “don’t worry about being attracted to both sexes.”

“The most important thing is that my s3xual orientation is female,” he added.

Chopper and Ardyn are friends, so I hope there’s nothing bad between them. The pair debuted with iShowSpeed ​​last September.