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Takemichi was lifeless and fell into Mikey’s lap. On the other hand, Mikey kept saying “Get up Takemichi” while crying. However, Takemihi didn’t wake up either. Mikey also said that Takemichi’s decision made him very sad. Not only that, some of them cried to see what happened in front of him.

Mikey is still crying, even though he is happy to see Takemichi and tells him not to go. At first glance, the picture in this situation looks like a Mobius strip. Takemichi almost gave up trying to prevent the death of the beautiful Kyomasa Draken.

However, Hinata was ahead of him and kissed Takemichi who in the end was brought back and was able to win against Kyomasa. Takemichi is at home and in bed. Someone outside Takemichi’s room, most likely his mother, woke Takemichi up. On the other hand, Takemichi can still believe that he is alive.

Little Takemichi looked at the calendar. Takemichi was on September 10, 1998. Takemichi went to the bathroom. His mother was surprised that Takemichi could wake up so quickly.


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