said the president of Bara,The following is the salary of Mbappe in Real

Just wait for the official announcement. It is safe to say that Killian Mbappe will leave PSG for Real Madrid. Mbappe will soon be seen posing for a Real Madrid shirt.

However, it is not that other clubs do not want this short talent. Barcelona is also on the list of interested clubs. After the re-election of Juan Laporta, the president of the Catalan club, many players tried to bring in Arling Harland and Killian Mbappe.

Nothing happened. Harland moved to the city and Mbappe will also sign for Real. Meanwhile, B├íra’s hands were empty. Spanish media published an analytical article on why Harland was not included in the Barcelona squad after much hype.

This time, Laporta went ahead before telling all the media why Barcelona lost interest in MBAP. He asked why Mbappe was not included in Barcelona’s squad.

What is the salary of Mbappe in Real, said the president of Bara

Many told Foss how much Real attracted Mbappe to the team. In an interview with Catalunya Radio, Laporta used Mbappa’s salary increase as an excuse.

“We cannot continue Mbopp’s whims by throwing the club’s financial future into uncertainty,” he said. The announcement is clear, the French star will go to Real Madrid with a salary of 50 million euros. Mbopp’s spokesmen, on the other hand, denied Laporta’s claim. On the contrary, they were not at the negotiating table with Laporta or Barcelona.