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Bad Thinking Manhwa Chapter 20 Diary English

Min-ji, Yu-na and their friendship last. Min-ji’s wild dream begins in Yu-na! Their relationship became more than their best friendship. Love, emotion and passion don’t go together. “Bad idea” escalated on campus. Minju and Yuna, friends, can fill their lives in their own way. They had been good friends since they were 17. You are now 21 years old. Their friendship is strained when one of them develops a love that is deeper than friendship. However, they received no response. Someone thinks it’s better to be friends. Their relationship grew even though they felt worthless. Would you like to know more? Knowing that there are many cartoons currently always searched on social networks based on information and opinions of other users, and that one of them is a poorly thought out newspaper, you can read comics that are very interesting to keywords. enjoy it

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