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Wildwood crash Unsanctioned H20i car Crash Video – H2oi Crash Video causes the death of 2 people


Hundreds of buses and thousands of people descended on Wildwood over the weekend for what police described as an “illegal” H2O bus rally that caused chaos Saturday night that left at least two people dead. Footage from early Saturday showed a quiet scene with cars traveling on Wildwood roads like Rio Grande and Atlantic Avenue, with cars ending up as crowds gathered on the side of the road to watch. But chaos broke out overnight as large crowds filled the road, drivers threw donuts in front of the road and at least two accidents left two people dead. A 37-year-old man, Gerald J. White of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was charged with death by vehicle for allegedly driving another vehicle into a group of pedestrians on Atlantic and Burk streets across from a grocery store and liquor store. A passenger in the other car, Timothy Ogden, 34, of Clayton, was killed along with 18-year-old passenger Lindsay Weakland, 18, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In another crash on Rio Grande and Park Avenue, several video clips Saturday night show a car crashing through a commercial fire. He was rear-ended by a car on the right side, causing him to lose control and crash into a golf cart on the other side of the road. In afternoon video, a blue car is seen slowing down and driving through a stop sign before being chased by an officer’s SUV. Other videos show bank corners and chaos at night as cars do donuts. In another scene shot behind the Hôtel de Québec on Atlantic Avenue, dozens of cars and motorcycles can be clearly seen driving down the street at night. process, drag them machine.

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But recently in a video clip, several cars are seen doing donuts, turning in the middle of the road as a large crowd gathers around the corner to watch, roaring and recording on their phones. The crowd slowly spilled out onto the road as the SUVs drove off. By the end of the 17-nanosecond video clip, the crowd seems to have used the road as a single speeding car, passing through the center of the road to continue business, People disappeared from the streets, before the police arrived and passed through the crowd. .

The scene is about halfway around the scene of a double crash Saturday night on Atlantic Avenue. On the first day, a small crowd gathered quietly on the road after the modified cars and graffiti drove down the road, sometimes towing cars.

Motorists were in another corridor in Cape May County on Friday. Drone video footage taken above a Lowe’s store in Rio Grande shows a large crowd gathered in the parking lot.

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