Video Viral Halloween Party Victims, 50 People Have Heart Attacks in Itaewon Korea Viral video– Halloween celebrations in Itaewon, South Korea on Saturday (10/29/2022) led to tragedy overnight in the city. Many people have heart attacks immediately because of the overcrowding in the Seoul area, a tourist destination. Around 11:30 pm WIB, 50 people received CPR as first aid for heart attacks. Doctors reported that at least 81 cases from people in Itaewon sought help for respiratory problems. The incident occurred near the Hamilton Hotel, citing the Korea Times. President Yoon Seok Yeol ordered officials to immediately provide first aid and treat residents and tourists. Yoon also ordered all rescue workers in Itawan to clean the emergency shelter.

Separately, Prime Minister Han Dak-soo urged officials to do everything possible to minimize further damage. Meanwhile, Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon, visiting Europe, decides to return home when tragedy strikes on Halloween night.

142 generators are currently installed to protect the area. A video circulating on social media shows Itaewon police struggling to get people out of the crowd.

It is estimated that hundreds of people were trapped until they were unable to walk. Many people stop breathing and have heart attacks. Video

In another video, several police officers use PCR to give nearby residents suffering from heart attacks. The authorities’ efforts were also aided by other residents in the form of first aid

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