Video Viral Kim Burrell claims Jamie Foxx called Ellen DeGeneres to defend her after homophobic sermon in 2017

Controversial gospel singer Kim Burrell recalled on Thursday that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx came to her defense after she was barred from appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show following the restored footage of showed that he was doing sex education talks.

In the latest issue of the Tamron Hall, the athlete answered the question of the daytime host about the religious speech from 2016 in which he spoke about the “homosexual spirit.”

“No one asked me what was bothering me and why it was important. The reaction from a community that says, ‘we’re too much in love,’ doesn’t respond to love, thinking I’m being intentional about being wrong. The truth hurts. I’m standing there preaching what I know to be true,” Burrell said, alleging that people shot up his car (he did not file a police report), and that he had a helicopter check his house after the incident. to stand by the truth, no matter what. I can be criticized for this, I can be criticized for this, no one reported that my friend Jamie Foxx felt the need to call Ellen and say, “You got it wrong and one – this “. He’s reaching out to our country more than the world is ready to see, and we don’t think that the massive cancellation of his show is an appropriate response to what he’s done to our country. ”

EW has reached out to reps for Foxx and DeGeneres for comment. Burrell also criticized fellow singer Yolanda Adams for her response to the sermon, which she called an “absurd” attack.

Burrell said, “I was disappointed, because we all share the same stage, the back room and the green room, and some of their public appearances and the conversation is not what they are behind the scenes. body,” Burrell said. “I would really like, especially when it comes to the gospel, Yolanda Adams, we are both from Houston, Texas, to pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, I have a job to save, I can. Don’t believe in the situation Now, I’m going to tell my audience something different. I would have liked that.”

A representative for Adams did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

When the video of the sermon was re-released in late 2016, DeGeneres spoke out against Burrell, calling Burrell’s speech “bad”, and stood by her decision to cancel her plans on the talk show. “I don’t think it’s fair to have him on the show to give him a platform after he said something about me,” DeGeneres said on her show, which continued with an interview with Pharrell Williams. Burrell’s music collaborator. and the hidden 2016 soundtrack.

“There is no place for any kind of prejudice in 2017, we are moving forward. There’s no room,” Williams told DeGeneres, though he’s always called Burrell a “fantastic singer.”

In addition to his successful career as a gospel actor, Burrell has collaborated with mainstream pop artists over the years, including Harry Connick, Jr. on “I Pray on Christmas” in 2003, Mariah Carey on Randy Jackson’s Music Club: Volume One album cut “I Understand” in 2008, Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” in 2016 and Jay-Z’s song “4:44” in 2017.

Burrell courted the backlash again in July, after a clip went viral of her speaking at Kingdom City Church. The video apparently showed her urging parishioners to interview people to make sure they aren’t “broken” before letting them into their lives. It also called the “wicked ones” and asked for a hairy anticipation.