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At the time Aditi Bhosale Walunj, in her recent LinkedIn post, outlined how a call from Ratan Tata turned the future of her startup around overnight.

Where Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder of Repos, took to LinkedIn to share how a phone call from Tata Sons chairman emeritus Ratan Tata changed the fortunes of his startup overnight.

The post details how she took calls, met industrialist with her husband and Repos co-founder, Chetan Walunj, and received funding for their startup.

Since the couple had no formal business education, they realized the need for a mentor and couldn’t think of anyone other than Ratan Tata.

“And I casually told Chetan: ‘Chal miltey Hai’ (let’s go and meet?) ‘Chetan’s reaction (confused): ‘Aditi, she’s not my neighbour, you said, Let’s meet’,” he added.

While many told the couple that meeting Ratan Tata was an impossible task, they remained determined and headed to Mumbai.

They even made a 3D presentation of how they wanted to bring about a change in the energy distribution system and discovered a technology-assisted method of delivering energy or fuel to the last mile.

From sending handwritten letters to connecting with different people to waiting outside Ratan Tata’s house for almost 12 hours, the couple did everything to make the impossible possible.

And their efforts were not in vain as they received a call from the man himself at 10pm.

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‘Hi! Can I speak to Aditi? I said: ‘Yes. May I know who this is? (Somewhere my heart knows that). He said: ‘This is Ratan Tata here.

I got your letter. Can we meet?’ Me: *numb* * Goosebumps * * tears roll * * smile *(live). The next day we reached 10.45am at his house and waited for him in the living room with our presentation.

And sharp at 11am, a tall and beautiful man in a blue shirt walked up to us. And it feels like silence,” wrote Aditi describing her first meeting with Ratan Tata.

The three-hour meeting changes everything for young entrepreneurs. “Ratan Tata Sir asked: ‘what do you expect from me? We said: ‘Sir, help us serve the people and bring our country into the world.

Push us.” She said: ‘Okay’ we stepped out of her house like we walked out of the Temple,” she wrote towards the end of her detailed LinkedIn post.

He also thanks Ratan Tata’s team with special attention to Shantanu Naidu and praises him as an angel in disguise. The young man shared the perfect mentor-Prot Svetlogorsk relationship with Ratan Tata.

The post was shared two days ago. It has received more than 7,300 reactions on LinkedIn, more than two hundred comments and several shares.

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“Reading your post gives me chills. Yes it is absolutely true: with strong goals, right intentions, right energies and being high on life and giving you 100% every day the universe will work for you,” one individual commented.

Another commented, “Congratulations Aditi Bhosale Walunj!! Absolutely brilliant and very inspiring. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors!”

Thank you Aditi Bhosale Walunj for this inspiring application of real-life kindness,” wrote a third.

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