Viral Video Shooting Chesapeake Walmart Video (Watch)

Viral Video Shooting Chesapeake Walmart Video (Watch)– Watch video of Chesapeake Walmart shooting – According to local authorities, a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, killed several people on Tuesday night.

A tweet posted by the City of Chesapeake on Tuesday listed the shooter as one of the dead. Chesapeake police confirmed a fatal shooting at a Sams Circle Walmart. The shooter’s death was confirmed.

How many people died in the Chesapeake Walmart Shooting?

According to Kosinski, the number of deaths is unknown, but he said “no more” than 10 people were killed. He believed no shots were fired by police and he did not know if the shooter was a store employee or a stranger. Relatives of those attending Walmart were invited to gather at a meeting place at the Chesapeake Convention Center.

Lewis Lucas, Senator from Virginia State in Chesapeake, said: “I am absolutely heartbroken that the last mass shooting in America happened at a Walmart in my Chesapeake district.”

The epidemic of gun violence in our country is filled with so many people losing their lives to gun violence that we will not stop until we find ways to stop it.

How did Shooting Chesapeake Walmart happen?

Police said the attack happened at 10:12 pm local time. Police department spokesman Leo Kosinski said the shooting was believed to have occurred inside the store and that the suspect acted alone. Walmart said it was “shocked by the tragic events” and was “working closely with law enforcement” on the investigation.

The Chesapeake Police Department is expected to provide another update Wednesday morning. A police presence at the scene was shown in photos posted on social media, and videos have surfaced online that appear to show an eyewitness, who appears to be wearing a Walmart uniform, describing what happened at the scene. he does.

It was reported that the employee was leaving the staff room when one of the managers entered the room and shot at him. “Unfortunately we have lost a few of our partners,” the man said.

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