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Video by Shaquella Robinson Mexico, Secrets in Mexico: Donna Charlotte contemplates death; Dead man found with broken neck, family say has surfaced in Mexico as Charlotte family struggles to find answers in 25-year-old’s death. Conflicting stories lead them to consider what really happened at the Cabo house.

It should be a big long weekend for Shanquella Robinson and the reunion of his followers. Since no one is talking about it… Shanquella Robinson was found dead about 24 hours after she was out with a group of “pals” in Cabo.

The death of his bodyguard was attributed to a broken neck and a ruptured spinal cord, although his “companions” said he was under the influence of alcohol. who went to Cabo to wish him a happy birthday.

He said they have expertise. They expected to eat. They have tacos or green leafy vegetables or something, and I’m like, ‘Okay. I love you. Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow. I never paid attention when I was growing up. It never went well.

Saquella Robinson Charlotte NC:

he came home,” his mother, Salamondra Robinson, told King City News. Salamandra said he shot the part about 24 hours after his young wife appeared. Organize one or more reasons to add to the family’s dream come true.

It started with angry calls from Robinson’s friends. They said he didn’t feel like he was in the mood. he was drunk,” he said. They can’t hear his voice,” he continued. “Each of his companions gathered different stories. Since no one is talking about it…

Shanquella Robinson was found dead within 24 hours of appearing in Cabo with a group of “companions”. The conclusion of his death sentence was combined with a severed neck and a broken spine, no matter how much his “friends” hurt him with alcohol.

Robinson continued to run an upholstery and trim business in Charlotte, North Carolina and was a well-respected decorator nearby. The online movement has seen a steady increase in popularity following its passing. He is apparently in Cabo, Mexico, but details at this time cannot be guaranteed. Charlotte, NC News Braider and Business Visionary

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