(Watch)Link Viral Pablo Mari “saw person die in front of him” as Arsenal man was with baby during attack, see here

Hello friends, I’m back with the latest and greatest coach ever. At this time, the coach talks about the latest and most popular information about Pablo Mari, who seems to have died as an Arsenal man in his youth. A conversation took place here during the attack.

Arsenal defender Pablo Mari died while shopping with his wife and child before he was shot dead in an Italian supermarket. The Spaniard, currently on loan at Monza in Serie A, was one of six players the 46-year-old attacked at Carrefour Milan. All were taken to hospital. Tragically, a 30-year-old man died from his injuries in the attack.

The attacker allegedly pulled a knife from inside the store before brave shoppers rushed to arrest him. Various reports indicate that the attacker had mental problems. Mary was reportedly stabbed in the back, but her condition was not serious.

On Friday, the 29-year-old will undergo major surgery. Monza CEO Adriano Galliani and coach Raffaele Palladino were taken to hospital shortly after the accident. Galliani explained his explanation after talking to Mary at the hospital.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Marie Galliani and Palladino said: Then the man stabbed the neck of the others. “I was lucky, I saw someone die in front of me.

Galliani himself said: “Pablo is an amazing person, he can laugh and told me he will be in the game on Monday. Greetings from President Berlusconi and others. “Someone wants to come here even though he knows it’s impossible.”

“Psychologically, I’m not a doctor, but he doesn’t seem to have any problems.”

He continued: This news is shocking. “I send a message of closeness and tenderness. To his family, what happened today seemed out of place in a city like Milan. You can’t get up in the morning, go to work and be killed by a criminal. And which

Mary and her partner at the time of the attack and her father told Spanish radio station Cadena Corp. He said: It is difficult for us these days. They started calling me at 8pm and my heart stopped beating. “Veronica [Mary’s wife] didn’t tell me how it all happened, but she said she saw someone die in front of her. Reassure him that he is safe and that the whole thing has come to his senses. done.”

An official statement from Monza issued on Thursday evening read: “Pablo Marie has a serious injury to his back, but luckily not able to reach an important organ like his lungs. There is none. His life is not in danger but he will come soon. “He has an injury but it’s not serious, he’s awake and playing football.

Arsenal also issued a statement after the Europa League match against PSV Eindhoven: “We are all shocked by the news and it is heartbreaking that so many people, including us, have decorated the beautiful Italian knife and taken it to the stadium. Back on loan at Center Pablo Mari. “We are in contact with Pablo’s representatives who say he is in hospital and not seriously injured. Our thoughts are with Pablo and the others involved in this terrible event. ”