Yasmin Brunet regrets the difficulty of finding a boyfriend and says he is looking for a ‘sober person

The situation is not easy for everyone! Yasmin Brunet, 34, announced on social networks that she is single since the end of her marriage to surfer Gabriel Medina, 28, which was announced last January. The unnamed model spoke of a ‘crush’ among her followers but didn’t seem to react or be disappointed with her lover’s behavior.

“It’s really hard to find someone who doesn’t drink and smoke,” he muttered. “It’s good to take a lot of medicine these days. I don’t understand,” he commented. She also admits that she wasn’t being too rude: “I want a man who’s sober.”

Yasmin Brunet laments the difficulty of finding a boyfriend and says she is looking for ‘a sober person’

Since breaking up with Medina, Yasmin has been seen in a relationship with two celebrities. In July, on Luisa Sonza’s birthday, she kissed Joao Guillermo Villa (20). The following month, he was seen with Enco Celulari, 25, at a party. The model took to social Bokeh.CLICK to ask fans for advice on getting back in touch.

“How do you guys flirt?” he asked recently. “After a few times I liked the story, did the guy know you liked it?” he asked a few days ago.

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This is the only thing we can say about Yasmin Brunet that she regrets having a hard time finding a boyfriend and says that she is looking for ‘a sober person’. For those who are not at all familiar with the video, you can read the admin discussion on this page